1. Your guide to light therapy [Elle]
  2. A new study discovered microplastic in stool samples of people from 8 different countries. Which means little bits of plastic are making their way into our guts. It’s unknown whether it is harmful, but it’s presence is enough to  start new studies [NY Times]
  3. DIY ideas for organising your garage including the jar method my father perfected [Essentials]
  4. This is how long your HIIT sessions should be for maximum benefit [Mind Body Green]
  5. How to wake up without an alarm and avoid sleep inertia – that horrid feeling of waking up mid sleep cycle exhausted and groggy [QZ]
  6. The food additives to avoid, and the one’s you don’t have to worry about [Greatist]
  7. A look into the ethics of nutrition scientists accepting industry money [Undark]
  8. The preschool that is made up of recycled materials [Good Things Guy]
  9. How anyone can master the pull-up [Born Fitness]
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