1. A guide on mastering the tempo run and why it’s such a good workout for runners. There’s also this tidbit of advice that can be applied to any workout “You want to let the workout come to you—instead of trying to force some idea of a workout onto your body.” [Outside Online]


2. 5 skin specialist-approved ways to deal with acne and scarring. If you want a really good acne cream, check out Feige’s review of Skinoren. [Vogue]


3. Why now is the best time for reinvention. [Thrive Global]


4. Did you know the vending machine dates all the way back to first century Roman Egypt and offered holy water? Found this history of vending machines fascinating. [Food52]


5.  “A snack board is an all-encompassing way to clear out the leftovers or “not enough of a full serving” handfuls you’ve left behind in your cabinets. If you’re “running out” to get food for a snack board, you might as well just make a whole meal.” Equal parts humorous and useful,  a guide to making a snack board. [BonAppettit]


6. Journaling exercises for everyday anxieties, a Q&A that goes well with this curated list of natural stress and anxiety relief products we shared this week. [Goop]


7. Let me introduce the concept of  intermittent silence to you, apparently it’s the modified push-up of meditation. [Well + Good]


8. How to save R59k on your first bond. [Property24]


9. Tips for getting started on your spring cleaning. [Alexa Lily]

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