1. “I think we’ve been told we need to declutter and get rid of stuff for so long that these densely layered, super personal interiors are total eye candy. There’s so much to look at that makes you smile. Isn’t that so much more interesting than a boring white room with some objects and unread books artfully arranged on a shelf? When you look at a cluttercore space you learn something about the person who created it and you want to know more.” – for the ones who don’t vibe with the beige/white art gallery decor aesthetic, feast your eyes on cluttercore. [Architectural Digest]


2. Is romanticising your life the new mindfulness? [NY Times]


3. Found this study into why running at night feels harder really interesting. Runner’s leave the speed sessions for daylight hours! [Outside Online]


4. How to prevent screen induced headaches and neck pain. [Goop]


5. A mathematical formula for the exact right moment you should show up to a party. [The Atlantic]


6. An easy dish to make with those wilted veggies in your fridge. [Bon Appetit]


7. How to keep freshly cut flowers alive for longer. [Food52]


8. “To excel at small talk you have to think about what is directly in front of you: a real person looking to connect. Don’t move mindlessly by.” – from these tips to do small talk better. [The Chalkboard Mag]


9. Energy saving tips for households in South Africa plus how to calculate the energy cost of an appliance. [Business Tech]

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