1. How to raise successful kids according to the college professor who’s mom to two silicon valley (women) CEOs [Quartz].

2. The case for speaking on the phone in the age of text messaging and emails [The Atlantic].

3. If you’re struggling to get back into a workout groove, here’s 5 strategies to help [Time].

4. How to peel hard-boiled eggs perfectly. Every time [Food52].

5. After 27 years of travelling solo, Marie-France Roy knows a thing (or ten). She’s shared her bets 10 tips for solo travel here [Lonely Planet].

6. The one session to do if you want to shave time off your 5km [Outside Online]. Naturally it’s my least favorite workout.

7. Why you revisit your favorite books and series over and over and over again [Vox].

8. If you find yourself wasting food, try this handy fridge organisation tip [The Kitchn].

9. A new tech startup wants to put your DNA on the moon [Digital Trends].

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