1. “Life will always consist of good times and bad, excitement and boredom” from 7 simple habits to improve your wellbeing. [Vogue]
  2. 5 easy yet meaningful things to do this Earth day. [Outside Online]
  3. Super keen on trying this broccoli recipe which has quite the following. [Food52]
  4. 5 tips for baking better cakes. [Bon Appetit]
  5. 31 Secrets to Unlocking Your Creativity. [GQ]
  6. The secret to digesting your food better. [The Chalkboard Magazine]
  7. Faithful to Nature just started stocking Weleda and I’m eyeing the foot balm, hand cream and lip balm. If they’re as good as the cult favourite skin food they should be magic.
  8. An interesting interview on the wellness industry and how it’s not always geared towards looking after our wellbeing. [The Cut]
  9. Why are so many vegans & vegetarians starting to eat meat again? [Mind Body Green]
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