1 “The WNBA’s stars aren’t asking to be paid an equal dollar amount to NBA players,  what they want is more an issue of fairness”. Caitlin Clark’s salary has made headlines in the past week for the stark difference between what she earns and what her equal on the NBA makes. Here’s what the conversations around the pay gap are getting wrong. [CNN]

2 Unlike traditional goals that focus on what you want to happen, anti-goals focus firmly on what you don’t want to happen. A look at anti-goals and how they can help you achieve goals. [The Everygirl]

3 I first learnt about seed-cycling some ten years ago. I mentioned it to my gynaecologist who was of the generation of Doctors with the motto “let nature take its course”. After listening to me explain how it works and its benefits he said “listen, some people want to eat seeds – if you want to eat seeds it’s not going to hurt you, but I can’t say it’s going to help you either”. Seed cycling, like all trends is back and if you’re intrigued, here’s what it is and how it works. [Goop]

4 Joe Alwyn, Matty Healy and Travis Kelce are all in here. It’s Swiftie Christmas; let’s unwrap the Easter eggs – a fan’s concise take on Taylor Swift’s latest album(s) TTPD. [The Kit]

5 While the “no days off” training mantra might sound motivating, it’s actually a recipe for overtraining and exhaustion. Here’s how a fitness expert approaches recovery – something that should be part of your workout routine. [The Chalkboard Mag]

6 The 4 habits people with always clean homes share [The Kitchn]

7 Monday is Earth Day and here are 5 really easy things to do that involve no prep at all. [Outside Online]

8 Everything in moderation and that includes cortisol. We all need some cortisol – the primary stress hormone – in order to regulate our metabolism and blood sugar and maintain a healthy hormonal balance, BUT too much can be damaging. Here’s 5 signs your cortisol levels are too high. [Vogue]

9 Not as big as a Stanley, but a damn cool water bottle at a fraction of the price.

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