1. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen an advert for MasterClass pop up on social media.  I found this deep dive into Masterclass fascinating. It looks at the founder, how he got started, what they’re selling and why it’s become so popular with 30-somethings, a group for whom education has not necessarily resulted in upward mobility or even a job. If you too have seen more than your fare share of Masterclass ads and want to know what they big fuss is about, settle in and read this. [The Atlantic]


2.10 cooking tips from Ina Garten that include always keeping chicken stock in the freezer, something incidentally I have a recipe for. [Food and Wine]


3. “Why I will not live like I’m dying“,  a poignant essay written by a woman with stage 4 cancer. [Cup of Jo]


4. How the pandemic is messing with your memory and making you remember things that never happened. [Elemental]


5. 5 Small towns in South Africa to visit. [Minky’s]


6. How to start healing your relationship with food. [Melissa  Lain Wellness]


7. “Research has shown that accepting negative emotions, rather than avoiding or dismissing them, may actually be more beneficial for a person’s mental health in the long run.” Toxic positivity and why it’s ok not to be ok. [Washington Post]


8.  A break down of 8 cooking oils – their benefits, smoke points and uses. [Mind Body Green]


9. The difference between onions and shallots and how to swop them. Particularly useful as I struggle to find shallots. [The Kitchn]

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