1. If you’re running Comrades this year, this guide will come in handy. Coach Parry lays out exactly what your mileage and marathon count should be in the lead up to the big day. [Coach Parry]


2. I’ve just finished reading Mike Horn’s latest book Dream of a Lifetime which details his journey crossing Antartica. So when I saw this picture of what an iceberg really looks like beneath the ocean’s freezing surface, I had to look. [Wired]


3. How does a plane stay in the air? It’s not a one line answer, it’s a thousand lines. And still no one agrees. [Scientific American]


4. How reading can positively impact your mental health [The Stylist]. If you’re looking for some reading recommendations check out our book section.


5. A sweet read on the power of cooking dinner which includes two things I love – cooking and family meals. “Regularity matters. Standing dinner dates, at their best, are simply special occasions that are not at all extraordinary. They become that way over time.” [NY Times]


6. This is an interesting article on the law of muscles. It highlights the importance of food, movement and chewing and how you can do more damage to your body in one week than you can improve in six months. [Get Pocket]


7. A look into why we dream when we sleep. [Goop].


8. Save this tutorial on how to sew on a button the right way for next time you need to do a little mending. [Man Repeller].


9. Thoughts on smart speakers listening to conversations and the most hideous bracelet that blocks them from listening in on you.Tech Girl]

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