1. Willpower isn’t the key to success. Sometimes it’s better to identify the obstacles in your way and remove them [Outside Online].
  2. Yoga instructors will often tell you not to do inversions when you have your period. But should you avoid them and why? A Doctor weighs in [Greatist].
  3. A theory as to why more women, than men, get autoimmune diseases [The Atlantic].
  4. Common injuries that you shouldn’t train through [Runner’s World].
  5. Dear joburg Mom and Dads, here’s a list of kid friendly activities [In my Stilettos].
  6. Why you need to change the way you see in order to change the way you think. Also the history of how velcro was invented, which although apparently common knowledge I only just discovered it [HBR].
  7. How to calm down and sleep even when you’re stressed [Thrive Global]
  8. A plastic surgeon explains collagen and if supplements actually do anything [Coveteur].
  9. How almonds went from deadly to delicious [NPR].
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