1. For everyone who moans about recipes preceded by personal essays I give you a day in quarantine life of Stanley Tucci complete with recipes. [The Atlantic]


2. I liked this post in the CN&CO “I wish someone had told me”… [CN&CO]


3. The solution to making sure I actually use up ingredients before they expire, a pantry and freezer excel spread sheet. [Bon Appetit].


4. What screen time does to your skin and what to do about it. Two products mentioned are a mineral sunscreen (especially tinted ones) and Vitamin C serum. This is my favorite mineral sunscreen which is tinted. And I love this Vitamin C serum. [NY Times]


5. “It is easy—maybe too easy—to stop asking yourself what would make you happy, and stay close to the things that you think will make you safe. This is wrong, and I will tell you why: you are never safe. Loss and change are constants. You will never be safe, and you may not always be happy—but you owe it to yourself to start asking the question.” – an economist weighs in on making big life changes. [QZ]


6. Great tips on using food scraps and reducing your food waste. [Food and Wine]


7. This article on the risks of getting Carona and the places where infections are being transmitted is sobering but informative and gives insight into what places and environments you should avoid. It’s written by Professor Erin Bromage, who is a Comparative Immunologist and Professor of Biology (specializing in Immunology) at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. [Erin Bromage]


8. If you’ve just graduated or are about to graduate, here’s a commencement speech to read – on graduating during a global pandemic and the need to continue to feed your brain and learn. [The Atlantic]


9. How to fix a blocked toilet, a leaking toilet, a dripping tap, a hot fridge and other things you may not be able to get a pro in to do. [Apartment Therapy]

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