1. How to get through the latest bout of load shedding without loosing your mind [Good Things Guy]
  2. Is counting calories pointless? Short answer, yes. Long answer here [The Cut]
  3. If you’re voting this year, this crib sheet on the 48 parties contesting the 2019 elections is an important read.  It’s part 1, so you’ll have to wait for the second part [Daily Maverick]
  4. The Global Wellness Index uses a basket of metrics to rank countries according to how healthy they are (not just economic growth). The 2019 index puts South Africa dead last, with poor scores for life expectancy, alcohol use, depression and diabetes; making us the most unhealthy nation [Bloomberg]
  5. How to clean your dishwasher using only white vinegar [Mind Body Green]
  6. You know that saying “Be kind, for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about”? Emilia Clarke, famous for her role of Khaleesi in Game of Thrones just revealed she suffered two brain  aneurysm while filming, and is sharing her experience of nearly loosing her life twice here [The New Yorker]
  7. How to make herbs last longer, remove the smell of garlic from your hands and other kitchen hacks [Taste]
  8. How to customize your HIIT workouts according to your goals [Outside Online]
  9. Why time seems to speed up as we get older and how to slow it down [Well + Good]
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