1 “Your brain doesn’t function like a light switch. It’s not like you can just go from stress to relax. We actually have to give our nervous system time to regulate.” – why you can’t turn off the stress or exhaustion of work during vacation and how to actually relax. [GQ]

2 The Kate Middleton conspiracy theories are giving Misbelief. That is the book by Dan Ariely, which dives into how people get pulled into the rabbit hole of believing things that are not true and conspiracy theories. It seems like everyone has become a conspiracy theorist and watching that happen in real time is both fascinating and frightening. But the internet can sometimes bring the good stuff, like this brief guide which is the best thing I’ve seen related to the disappearance of Kate Middleton

3 What happens when you use ChatGPT as your running coach. [Time]

4 Love these tips on eating healthier that are easier than you think to incorporate into your daily diet and remind me of this challenge we did. [Zoe]

5 South Africans when they see a celebrity. [Reductress]

6 The right storage conditions—those which defend against light, oxygen, and heat, the unholy trinity that accelerates the rancidity process—can extend the deliciousness of your nuts. Here’s how to store your nuts so they last longer. [Bon Appetit]

7 I’ve found a new use for all my KT tape, face taping aka how to reduce fine lines without botox. Would you try it? [Vogue]

8 Which grocery chain is the most affordable? This looks at the average basket at all the major grocery chains to show which one is the most affordable for 2024. [Business Tech]

9 How to clean your water bottle (including the deep clean method) – saving this for myself. [Mind Body Green]

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