1. Mark Zuckerberg set two personal goals for 2016 (that we know of). Run 365 miles and build a simple AI (Artificial Intelligence for his home). He’s done both and details the system he built into his home called Jarvis. Mark has programmed it to recognize his voice, people’s faces and be able to control the temperature, lighting and even make him toast. Read his full report for a look into the future and how Facebook plans on infiltrating into your every move. [Facebook]
  2. The worst celebrity diets you should avoid in 2017 [BDA]
  3. New research shows that it’s possible to not only slow down aging but reverse it. The studies have been done on mice, by undoing changes in gene activity—the same kinds of changes that are caused by decades of life in humans [Scientific American]
  4. Wholesome mini gingerbread cookies to make this weekend [Healthy Girl]
  5. The 10 most influential people in SA running [Runner’s World]
  6.  A new study is suggesting that the rise in C-section births is actually changing evolution. The theory is based on the fact that more babies are being born with bigger heads, too big for the mother’s pelvises’ leading to… more c-sections [Huffington Post]
  7. 7 tricks to make you feel like a kitchen wizard [The Kitchn]
  8. How a vegan diet impacts your body’s ability to heal [Science of Us]
  9. 3 ingredients is all you need to make these summer fruit lollies [Taste]
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