1. How to make yourself work when you don’t want to [Science of Us]
  2. If you, much like me cannot do a handstand and want to learn, this 16-minute yoga practice will help you master it. If you want to wait, I’ll let you know if it works [Greatist]
  3. Next time you get pink eye, save your money and skip the antibiotics. Most cases are caused by a virus, and there is no treatment for viral conjunctivitis. So rather use a warm compress and wait it out [NY Times]
  4. The ultimate soup guide [Taste] which is missing just one thing – this roasted carrot soup
  5. The Olympics are still 3 years away, but planning is already underway. The biggest change announced by the International Olympic Committee will be the first ever mix-gender race. In an effort to be more inclusive, both swimming and athletics will include co-ed relays [Outside Online]
  6. Twitter knows more about you than you think, here’s how to reset your privacy settings [Inc]
  7. 10 of the best hiking trails around the world [Travel Start]
  8. This is why you the word moist makes you cringe [Mashable]
  9. Every type of sugar rated from ugly to bad to good [Mind Body Green]
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