1. Momentum was trending on Twitter this week for all the wrong reasons. To catch you up on that and the effects of their decision on life insurance read Bruce Whitefield’s column here [Business Insider]
  2. A new peanut allergy drug has been tested and has the potential to be lifesaving to people who have severe peanut allergies [NY Times]
  3. 14 driving habits that are damaging to your car [Suzuki]
  4. Your home and even your body is home to countless bugs and bacteria or microbes as they’re called. Not all of them are bad, in fact some of them are beneficial. Oh and you have armpit bacteria and glands in your armpit that are not sweat glands but exist solely to feed your armpit bacteria. [NPR]
  5. When perfectionism becomes destructive [The Atlantic]
  6. The worst foods to eat before a flight [Greatist]
  7. Things you should never do with window cleaner, like clean your car windshield [The Kitchn]
  8. 4 vegan trail runners on being vegan and performance [Trail Magazine]
  9. How to treat skin tags [Refinery29]
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