1. I  just discovered this section on the Merriam-Webster website called Time Traveler. You input the date you were born and it tells you what words were first used in print that year. My year included words like FAQ, dad joke, acid-washed, diss, emoticon, GIF and thirty something which I happen to be. This years list is hardly surprising and consists of every variation of Covid-19 and physical distance.


2. A lovely personal essay by Dolly Alderton on how lockdown changed our relationship with our phones. [Grazia]


3. Brandon Stanton may not be a name you’ve heard of, but Humans of New York (HONY) created by him you most likely have. He took the idea of street photography and turned it into the most engageable and humanizing experience – by getting permission from the subjects he photographed and interviewing them for quotes to go along with the pictures he posted to his social media account. His stories involve everyday people – not celebrities or public figures and yet they are more compelling, like his 32 post series on Stephanie aka Tanqueray and Bobby Love and Cheryl. If you follow HONY and are a fan, you’ll enjoy this rare interview with Brandon who shares how he started, why he thinks it’s become so big and how he gets people to share their most personal stories. [The Profile]


4. “Sharing is not one-size-fits-all. And in truth, this isn’t really about sharing. It’s about allowing women to feel relief and grief; to experience both joy and regret. Sometimes, all at the same time.” An incredibly thoughtful and compassionate essay on the increase in candor amongst woman sharing pregnancy, loss and motherhood stories and the backlash that has come alongside it. [Standard UK]


5. Do you notice the books on people’s bookshelves? I do, but more in a curious way. I also notice books in the background of TV shows – like on Emily in Paris there was a French copy of Sapiens on the desk of Camille’s mother, which I found an interesting choice given the type of show. This article looks at why we’re obsessed with other people’s bookshelves. [Book Riot]


6. I love plantains but generally stick to making savoury plantain chips with them. I’ve now discovered Maduritos, a dish common in Latinx restaurants and in Nicaraguan homes which is a dessert version of plantains that I want to make as soon as I get hold of some plantains. [Bon Appetit]


7. Mental health reminders to rely on in difficult times. [Wit & Delight]


8. How to give yourself a lymphatic massage. [Goop]


9. Why social media makes us feel so old, and if you’re feeling “too old” let me redirect you to this quote I love. [Vox]

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