1. If you find it hard to relax or unwind these 13 tips to regulating your nervous system will help you pause and relax. [The Chalkboard Mag]
  2. 8 ways to build stress resilience. [Troscriptions]
  3. Why and how you should spend more time observing and less time being observed. [The Atlantic]
  4. “If someone in your life has undergone big changes that they intentionally made, why not ask them how they are feeling about it?.. As a friend, hold back from criticising even if you mean well.” – from lessons from a weight loss journey and how we react when the people in our lives make big changes. [Vogue]
  5. 10 tips for increasing flexibility and mobility [Goop]
  6. Love these oversized sleep tees. They’re comfortable, breezy and perfect for hot summer nights.
  7. How to cook fish like an Alaskan fisherman [Food52]
  8. 3 common thinking traps and how to avoid them, according to a Yale psychologist
  9. Esse skincare is 15% off here. One of my favourite natural skincare brands.
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