1. After two unsuccessful attempts, Ryan Sandes is heading back to tackle the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc. To train, he’s taking the road less travelled starting with Running Happy with a few mates in a recce expedition around the mountain. Watch the short film Running Happy here and the read more about the adventure which included a night cuddling in a barn here [Redbull]
  2. Nikes impossible to get hold of and incredibly pricy, the Nike Vaporfly 4%. They are said to improve your running by 4%. They’re the shoes Eliud Kipoche wore during Nike’s Sub 2 hour marathon attempt and the shoes Camille Herron wore when she broke the women’s 100 mile record (and beat every man that day). Should a shoe like that be allowed or is it akin to doping? [Science Line]
  3. This advice from phycologists on getting motivated makes sense when you consider how many people start social media accounts to share their journeys and also give advice and offer support to those in similar positions [QZ]
  4. Secrets to making a better soup. [Taste]
  5. How to avoid making bad food choices without going hungry [Amber Gisele]
  6. To my knowledge there’s no way to recycle used contact lenses in SA, but we can start by opting to throw them in the bin rather than down the toilet [Mind Body Green]
  7. Safety tips to follow after a breakdown or accident [Woman and Home]
  8. How dark chocolate became a health food [Vox]
  9. 3 ways to use that spirulina powder hanging in the back of your pantry [Well + Good]
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