1. Six pieces of plastic you can and should stop using. TBH #5 was the most surprising [The South African]
  2. There’s a fine line between when customisation is helpful and when it turns creepy. Like when you browse items online and get ads for them in your Facebook feed [Wired]
  3. Decluttering feels great until you’re left with a box of stuff too good to throw out and you don’t know where to put them. Here’s places to donate all your unwanted stuff [Joburg]
  4. Everything you thought you knew about the common running injury that is plantar fasciitis is wrong. It has nothing to do with your foot [Engaging Muscles]
  5. Scientists are soon going to be able to tell how healthy your diet is with your pee. It involves a urine test that identifies chemical compounds that are produced when the body breaks down foods like red meat, chicken, fish, fruits, and vegetables. The test can also reveal how much sugar, fat, protein, and fibre someone has eaten. There’s still some room for them to properly develop and test it, but it has huge potential to change nutrition research [The Science of Us]
  6. This rainy weather is perfect for a bowl of this Thai Curry [Caralicious]
  7. The foods to look out for in 2017 [Bon Appetit]
  8. South African government has taken the first steps to legalise medical marijuana [The Good Things Guy]
  9. You can never be perfect, but you can strive to improve and be better, and other lessons from golfing [The Huffington Post]
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