1. There are 40 000 types of rice. Here’s how to figure out what one to use [Bon Appetit].


2. How to get rid of kitchen smells [Domino].


3. This is a novel productivity hack. Instead of tracking your goals, track your excuses [Medium].


4. Scientists have discovered why stress causes your hair to grey [BBC].


5. The great paradox of our time is everything is both better and worse than ever before. This article has a Sapiens, Yuval Harari feel to it as it discusses the revolutions that got us to our current modern age, global warming, destruction of the planet and the future of renewable energy. [The Correspondent]


6. How to tell if your hip flexors need stretching or strengthening. Mine need stretching [Well + Good].


7.  If you’v ever cut a fringe or spent many a day thinking about it, you’ll laugh at this article on getting bangs. And then wonder if your cutting a fringe was a sign of inner turmoil because apparently wanting bangs is never about the bangs. It a sign of crisis [The Atlantic].


8. Running etiquette to know from greeting runners, passing runners and finding running buddies [Runners World].


9. A column on finding a new normal when life throws you a curve ball and why it’s the best thing you can focus on [NY Times]

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