1. Are you addicted to exercise? This quiz will tell you if your exercise habits are healthy or if they’ve become too extreme. Full disclosure, my score was 22 – two points shy of an addition. [Trail Magazine]
  2. 5 packing tips from outdoor pros is a must read if you do or are planning on doing multi-stage races and events [Outside Online]
  3. This grilled trout with zoodles and sesame dressing from Sarah Graham’s latest cookbook sounds divine! [Sarah Graham]
  4. “What if all I want is a mediocre life” is a beautiful essay about pushing back from bigger, better and shinier and opting for quieter, smaller and more simple [Noisebar]
  5. Runner’s etiquette from training to racing [Kamini Like Harmony]
  6. Each year, more than 11 billion tons of stuff gets carried around the world by large ships. This interactive map allows you to visualise the entire process and lets you break down ships by types and locations [Vox]
  7. How to clean a slow cooker [The Kitchn]
  8. There’s a new iPhone colour coming out, it’s red. [Good Things Guy]
  9. The part of your body you’re probably neglecting but shouldn’t [Lentils and Lunges]
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