1. “There’s a word for believing you can make things better without distorting reality: not optimism, but hope.” The difference between hope and optimism and why hope is better. [The Atlantic]


2. You’re not imagining it, the fashion of the early aughts is making a comeback – low rise jeans, flared leggings, teeny bags and all. [Fashionista]


3. How to frame textiles. [Food52]


4. A curry base to keep in your freezer for fast and tasty meals. [Bon Appetit]


5. Great tips for introducing someone to outdoor adventures. [Outside Online]


6. A debate on the need to bathe daily, no doubt inspired by the latest trend towards intermittent bathing. [Into the Gloss]


7. An incredibly comprehensive guide to body weight training including the benefits and moves to get your started. [Born Fitness].


8. Making this furikake seasoning with the nori sheets sitting in my pantry. [Drizzle & Drip]


9. An expert’s guide to getting rid of blackheads. [Vogue]

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