1. “Reading books trains us to read in a particular way—in a linear fashion, focused on one thing for a sustained period. Reading from screens, trains us to read in a different way—in a manic skip and jump from one thing to another.” From this interesting article on how screens are robbing us of our ability to read books. [Lit Hub]


2. How to clean your phone. [New York Times]


3. 7 habits that lead to happiness in old age. [The Atlantic]


4. 5 Feng Shui tips from the TikTok expert. [Clever]


5. ‘There I almost am’, a long yet riveting read on what it’s like to be an identical twin. [The Yale Review]


6. “Where we once believed that emotion was detrimental to effective thought and decisions, we now know that we can’t make decisions, or even think, without being influenced by our emotions.” From this interview on how feelings make you think. [GQ]


7. The best way to fry an egg according to 42 tests. The commitment to research is commendable. [Food52]


8. Cold vs. hot, a dermatologist explains what the best shower temperature is. [Well + Good]


9. If you’ve every wondered what super models do for skincare, 9 spill the details. [Vogue]

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