1. ‘My relationship to deadlines, like that of almost everyone I know, is full of contradictions. I crave them and avoid them, depend on them and resent them’ – an essay on finding a balance between structuring our time and squandering it. [The New Yorker]


2. An interesting long read on the gut microbiome. If you’re game to try the ZOE #bluepoochallenge which helps you track your digestion the recipe for the blue muffins is here. [The Gaurdian]


3. A 20 minute exercise to train you brain to remember anything you learnt. [Inc]


4. Two Simple Rules for Progressing at Anything. [Outside Online]


5. How to get over the “I got it” syndrome and ask for support.[Zora]


6.  How to get back into an exercise routine after taking a break. [Nike]


7. How to know when it’s time to repot a plant and how to do it correctly. [Food52]


8. “It’s super relatable and versatile. It’s not specific — it works for people with shorter hair, with longer hair. TV lives in this world of sort-of-done, but sort-of-effortless looks. That’s why they all have this hair. It’s like, ‘You could attain this at home, but I also look really polished and put together.'” – why everyone on TV has the same hair… [Vox]


9. Organizing tips you can learn from Airbnb hosts. [The Kitchn]

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