1. “In times like these, our brains tend to work differently. The prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for complex planning, working memory, and analytical thinking, is swamped with ambiguous signals, impacting our decision-making abilities. Meanwhile, the brain scours its long-term memory systems for comparable experiences. Finding few precedents for this pandemic, it looks intently outward for guidance on what to do next. The combination of impaired analytical thinking and heightened external sensitivity creates what can be called “Covid-19 brain”-a fragile, frazzled state that keeps our thoughts simultaneously on edge and unfocused.” – a neuroscientist explains Covid brain and what you can do about it. [Inc]


2. Makeup tips from makeup artist Nikki DeRoest. [Beauty Heaven]


3. 13 afternoon habits to get over that 3pm slump. [Self]


4. If you like author interviews, I enjoyed reading this one with Pandora Sykes who’s book How Do We Know We’re Doing it Right is on my TBR pile. [Marie Claire]


5. The importance of mourning loss, even the small ones. [NPR]


6. The Covid-19 pandemic most likely started when a virus jumped from an animal into a human. Now scientists are worried it will jump back. A threat you haven’t heard about dissected. [Wired]


7. Dealing with discomfort isn’t a magical gift. It’s a skill, and you can improve at it. Here’s how. [Outside Online]


8. What your period can tell you about your health. [Aviva Romm]


9. I love pickling veggies but have never heard of pickled corn, keen on trying this recipe out but reducing the sugar. [Food52]

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