1. Cosmopolitan started a petition to remove Tampon Tax. Why? If you’re a woman, sanitary products are a basic necessity – not a luxury. Basic items like brown bread and milk don’t get VAT attached to them and neither should sanitary wear. Thus far 3717 people have signed. Here’s where to find out more and sign the petition as well as donate a pack of pads to a woman who can’t afford it. [Cosmopolitan]
  2. How this rider feels about riding at ungodly hours of the morning, is how I feel about running. Except in winter when it’s dark and cold. But still a freezing cold dark start beats a late afternoon one when the air doesn’t have that morning crispness to it. [Outside Online]
  3. Why it’s so hard to ask for help [Quartz]
  4. A scientist explains why some people hear Yanny and others Laurel [Psypost]
  5. A quinoa stuffed chicken going onto my things to make list [Fresh Living]
  6. Why it’s not about having it all [Medium]
  7. 3 dishwasher hacks, but really sharing this because number 3 is potentially game changing [The Kitchn]
  8. Why you should consider journaling [Amber Gisele]
  9. Pistol squats can help you identify leg imbalances and work on them. Here’s how to do them right [Triathlete]
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