1. Fun Fact, Shigetaka Kurita a Japanese designer invented emoji’s in 1999. They were only formally adopted in 2009 and now, 17 years after their invention have become an entire language of their own. The past three years has seen some changes in emoji’s to make them more inclusive (like the addition of various skin colours), but women and girls are still not represented in any of the sporty or professional emoji’s and majority of the female emoji’s are pink. Many people have disregarded any emoji sexist talk as people being too sensitive, but emoji’s have become a language and language shapes the way we think and the culture. Four Google employees have proposed 13 new emoji’s before the Unicode Consortium’s Emoji Subcommittee of which 11 were approved and will be available in both male and female forms, meaning girls are now going to be able to see themselves more accurately represented on their keyboards [The Week]
  2. The first aid blanket that can save lives [Good Things Guy]
  3. Boredom doesn’t arise from a lack of something to do, but rather a lack of something enticing to do, and sometimes it’s beneficial to ride out that boredom instead of filling it with busyness. This is the case for letting your children be bored more often [Outside Online]
  4. How to order fast food without wrecking your diet [Women’s Health]
  5. 26 Meals for healthier skin [Greatist]
  6. Nike’s tribute to Caster Semenya. The athlete the stole South Africa’s heart whilst defeating her haters with grace and dignity [You Tube]
  7. Celeb approved moves that’ll perk up your booty [Well and Good]
  8. Spring day is coming up in less than a week. Here’s how to shake off winter and embrace a new warmer season [Lentils and Lunges]
  9. ChiRunning can make you a faster runner, has anyone tried it? [Time]
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