1. “Everyone gets that rich people don’t want to hang around with poor people. But as a former poor person, I can tell you that poor people often don’t enjoy being around rich people, either.” – from this fascinating thought piece on whether or not making the right friends is the secret to upward mobility. [Common Sense]
  2. The most underrated European cities worth visiting. [CN Traveller]
  3. One day I’ll race an ass up the pass…[Outside Online]
  4. The millennial pause and other ways millennials are aging out of social media. Which begs the question, what’s wrong with getting old and liking what you like instead of chasing after the latest trend? [The Atlantic]
  5. Been living in these sweats for the past few months, they’re on sale which means it’s the perfect time to pick up a different colour.
  6. What Is Kosher Salt—And Is It Really the Best? You can click to read what it is, but I’ll tell you it is the best and Diamond’s Crystal is the only brand to buy. [Bon Appetite]
  7. “Regularity promotes health. And if you can adjust your schedule to be more regular and in sync with nature, you’ll have a good foundation for everything else.” – Ayurveda’s tips for more balanced health. [Goop]
  8. 5 Laundry Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You Were Making which leads me to a question, where do you get colour catchers here? [Food52]
  9. “There’s not a pill out there that’s gonna make it magically happen for you, you gotta put the work in, and the hardest part is getting started.” – an interview with Kelly Slater for the surfing fans. [GQ]
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