1. The difference between running on a treadmill and running on the road. [Outside Online]


2. A really cool DIY on making lavender sachets to keep your sock drawer smelling fresh. [Food52]


3. “I am convinced humanity is split into exactly two halves, and that race and gender and age and religion can all be abolished and replaced as an identifier with this: are you organized, naturally, or are you not? On the side of chaos there is me. On the side of order there are like a thousand books about getting your life together that I’m never going to read, precisely because of the chaos that lives within me.” From this wonderful essay on getting organised in work. [WePresent]


4. Running a half-marathon in your hotel room. Hearing the sea, but not seeing it. Fixating on food. How travelers have passed the time during mandatory quarantines. [NY Times]


5. “If you try to achieve a personal best in every training run, you might get faster in the short term, but suffer with burnout, performance plateau, or even injury. Instead of going at maximum intensity every training session, trust the process and be patient with your body.” from this article on why patience is key to better performance. [Trail Magazine]


6. 8 Signs your plant can be revived (and how to do it) and 1 sign it’s time to compost it. [Mind Body Green]


7. How to be good with Money. One of the tips given is using an app that tracks your budget, for a local option we love 22Seven which links to you bank account and allows you to track and budget spending in different categories. [Vogue]


8.“There used to be an organizational axiom that if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in 6 months, it’s time to get rid of it, except that now describes literally every piece of clothing in my closet, all of my accessories, and most of my shoes.”. Loved this essay “to all the clothes I’ve loved before”. [Vox]


9. Dorar en aceite – to make golden in oil, is the process of toasting dry uncooked grains in oil until they begin to turn golden brown before adding liquid. It’s also the secret to perfectly cooked grains that don’t clump or moosh together. [Bon Appetit]

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