1. Are smartphones making us stupid? A new study found that an increase of smartphone usage temporarily decreases our abilities to interpret information [Psypost].


2. While I have decades to go, I hope that at 50 (and beyond) I’m still active and running. This is how this runner enjoys running as a 50 something and some of the tips she shares are applicable no matter your age [Washington Post].


3. The artist behind social media’s latest big idea to remove likes [Medium].


4. Peptides in skincare explained [Into The Gloss].


5. How to get rid of the smell of garlic from your hands (hint: do not use hot water under any circumstances) [Mind Body Green].


6. I’m currently reading Sapiens, so this discovery that bones can tell a story of what you ate and where you lived is particularity interesting to me. It’s how archaeologists are trying to understand the behaviors of civilizations long gone[National Geographic].


7. The high price of multi-tasking [NY Times].


8. The best potatoes are boiled in salty water. A statement that I can neither confirm nor deny but will be testing [Bon Apetit].


9. Why striving for happiness makes us unhappy [Quartz].

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