1. I’ve documented my snobbery around airplane food here and here; so you know when I see an article on how airplane food is made you know I’m reading it, sharing it and yes I’ll still be packing my own food. [Vox]


2. I just finished reading about Mike Horn’s expedition through Antarctica – the coldest place on earth where no human can live. During his expedition, temperatures dropped to just below -50C. In the extreme opposite, Jacobabad, Pakistan is becoming the hottest place on earth, with temperatures reaching just above 50C. [Time]


3. Move over Gen X, there’s a new generation in town, and they’re called Gen Alpha. [The Atlantic]


4. Someone went to great lengths to figure out the best way to reheat leftover pizza. The shocking part isn’t that an air fryer was used as a method, but that an oven wasn’t the top choice when we all know an oven is the easiest and best way to reheat pizza. [The Kitchn]


5. As the threat of Coronavirus becomes larger, travelling has become riskier.  Here’s 7 ways to avoid germs when travelling, and no a face mask isn’t included. [CN Traveler]


6. Things you may know about the spleen: You don’t need one to live.

Things you may not know about the spleen: It can multiply. [NPR]


7. How soy went from health gold star, to health no-no [GQ].


8. Why we get butterflies… [Greatist]


9. Today marks the end of the financial year and here are tips on maximizing your tax deductions [Maya on Money].

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