1. Barbie is the first movie in a very long time that I was excited to see. Excited enough to want to see it as soon as it was released. The marketing around it has been phenomenal and it’s been hard to get caught up in Barbie-mania. So I went and it was brilliant! It’s smart, funny and nostalgic and I loved how they weaved the history of Barbie into the story. This is a long way of me introducing an even longer feature on Margot Robbie, the star of the movie. If you’re all in on Barbie, you’ll enjoy this read! [Vogue]
  2. Awe is one of the things that are good for your brain. Here’s how to find it. [Outside Online]
  3. Overhead bin etiquette according to flight attendants. [CN Traveler]
  4. Is there a “right” age for women at work? [Gloria]
  5. “No one needs more platforms. We need ways to cope with the ones we have”. A look at Threads and why we’ve become addicted to the scroll. [Washington Post]
  6. I’ve added corn cobs to my vegetable stock but never made a corn stock on its own. After seeing this I might just.[Bon Appétit]
  7. 10 recipes that combine sweet and salty. [Food52]
  8. You can get 20% of Weleda Skin here, I’m planning on trying some of their new products like the foot balm.
  9. If you’ve ever wondered if multi-vitamins were worth it or just a way to get really expensive pee, read this. [Mind Body Green]
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