1. We know that sitting is bad for our health. And now we know that recreational sitting is worse than occupational sitting [Time].
  2. Loved this piece on writing advice that’s really good life advice. And this: “The reason “just do it” often doesn’t resonate is because it’s hard to prioritize something that doesn’t exist (yet) over the very real and present demands of our responsibilities. And once we get in the habit of making our own work the last priority, it’s easy to mistake something immediate for something important. It’s easy to let that thing we want to build or create or do slip further and further down the to-do list until it has fallen off completely” [Manrepeller]
  3. How to write an out of office email response [The Cut].
  4. Habits of women with healthy body image [Kandidly Kerry].
  5. Cool gadgets you can’t buy yet but can crowdfund [Digital Trends].
  6. You may recognize her illustrations on instagram @lizandmollie. Liz Fosslien has background in economics and art and in this piece she explains how 7 emotions you probably avoid at work (anxiety, rejection, envy, conflict) can actually be harnessed as superpowers [First Round Review].
  7. How to correct your posture [Goop].
  8. 3 things not to vacuum in your kitchen. The flour surprised me tbh [The Kitchn].
  9. The climate crisis and the end of the golden era of food choice [Vox].
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