1.  ‘The ability to design beautiful slides and the expertise to provide reliable, fact-checked information don’t always go hand in hand. An infographic isn’t necessarily accurate just because it’s pretty.’ Why it’s so important to fact check before sharing social justice (or any) infographics which are not always accurate and as demonstrated in the last few weeks with the horrific rise of anti-Semitism worldwide can perpetuate misinformation, hatred and violence that goes beyond a little square. And also to understand that 10 slides can only share so much, and if it’s an issue you really care about to seek sources (likes books, historians and experts) beyond social media. [Hey Alma]


2. How to cut onions without crying plus why they make you cry. [Bon Appetit]


3. How to use the pandemic as a chance to start over. [The Atlantic]


4. The mental benefits of trying something new and being terrible at it; as well as what happens when you master new skills. [Outside Online]


5. The 5 golden rules of treating hyperpigmentation. [Vogue]


6. 3 ways to press flowers. [Lars]


7.  The psychological reasons why novelty—from visiting new places to socializing—makes us happier and healthier people. [GQ]


8. “We are living through an age of urgency, where the capacity to communicate instantly has led to an expectation of an immediate response. Too often we don’t think to question whether one automatically follows the other.” Elizabeth Day on allowing time for people to respond to you. [You]


9. Great tips on how to get  a new smartphone on a budget. [Just One Lap]

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