1. Records are meant to be broken, and according to the 2-hour project a sub 2-hour marathon is in the cards in the next five years. They plan on using cutting edge science to shave the 177 seconds needed to get under 2 hours, but their ideal candidates should live a life far removed from science. Running barefoot, living off the land, live in a way that they are used to discomfort, walking long distances and running hard. These people are the Ethiopian candidates and this is a fascinating look into how they actually feel about running and breaking two hours [The Gaurdian]
  2. I fall for food bowls hard. This rainbow whole-wheat coucous bowl with miso tahini sauce is no different [Annett Velsberg]
  3. Turns out cranberries in juice form or capsules are not the cure to UTI’s [NY Times]
  4. A trip to an aquaria and a jelly fish inspired an artificial heart [The Atlantic]
  5. 3 ways with spinach. The salad is calling me [Taste]
  6. The Man’s guide to Periods by a man , which also happens to be super informative no matter where you lie on the gender spectrum [Medium]
  7. 6 Stress Inducing habits to stay clear of [Get Savvi]
  8. The very complicated reason why you’re always late summed up into one complicated excuse “it’s just that the brain maintains separate neural systems for estimating spatial extent and time-to-travel through that space” [The Science of Us]
  9. Another reason to stop counting calories. A new study says there’s little evidence to link hunger to how much you eat. Which explains why second breakfast is very real [The Cut]
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