1. “There are no shortcuts. In a culture where we love optimization and efficiency, you can’t “hack” sleep. No pill is going to turn six hours into eight—you’ve got to figure out how to commit the time.” One of my favorite NTC trainers on how to sleep better. [GQ]


2. A new theory (and interesting read) on why we dream. [Time]


3. A guide to miso that includes recipes. This is the miso brand I use. [Minimalist Baker]


4. Love a braai, hate smelling like smoke. Here’s how to get rid of the smoke smell from clothing, furniture and your hair. [Food52]


5. It’s allowing myself space to breathe and rest when the world outside my window seems occasionally to be spinning out of control. It’s allowing the cells of our fortitude to multiply so that, next time, we’ll all be a bit more ready to withstand whatever is thrown our way.” from this essay by Elizabeth Day. [You]


6. A long but interesting read on long-Covid, which is seeing about 10% of Covid sufferers report ongoing symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, migraines and trouble breathing months after “recovering” from Covid. [The New York Times]


7. A good read on negotiating better. [Goop]


8. The return of the homemaker. [Refinery29]


9. Eight things to do with almost rotten produce. [Cup of Jo]

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