1. “But you never really possess time in the way that you might possess a dollar or a pair of shoes. You get a moment and then another moment, and it’s the same for absolutely everybody.” – a great read on rethinking time management. [NPR]


2. 25 beauty editors share their top beauty tips. [Allure]


3. “Burnout is not just thinking, ‘I’m too tired…’ It’s the inability to think creatively” – a long read on burnout and a practical framework for beating it that’s worth a read if you’re feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. [First Round Review]


4. The Stress Code is one of my favourite “learning” books which means I enjoyed this interview with author Richard Sutton. Read for his thoughts on why stress isn’t the enemy and how to better manage it and your health. [Journal]


5. Anja shared her journey with endometriosis here and explains it in detail including the medical care she’s received and advice. It’s incredibly informative and if you’re suffering from endometriosis, is a worthwhile read. [Anja Wintour]


6. Tips from a physical therapist to help improve your mobility if you sit at a desk all day. [The Everygirl]


7. Strong opinions on how to make pasta, which naturally makes me think of my favourite pasta cookbook – The Pasta Man. [Cup of Jo]


8. The real reason Facebook changed its name. [The Atlantic]


9. “‘Emotional generosity’ is the ability to see past behaviours that we don’t understand and proactively look for compassionate ways to explain them. ” – from the art of not taking things personally. [Medium]

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