1. “Between the conditions around you and your response to them is a space. In this space, you have freedom. You can choose to try remodelling the world, or you can start by changing your reaction to it.” – how to accept the things you can’t change. [The Atlantic]


2. How to create zones with rugs. [Coveteur]


3. Why pain doesn’t always mean you’re injured and how to tell the difference. [Outside Online]


4. 5 tricks to help you decipher skincare ingredients. [Vogue]


5. How to stop grinding your teeth. [GQ]


6. The best way to keep apple slices from browning thanks to an in-depth investigation that only a food writer would think of. [The Kitchen]


7. “We cannot accrue time, or invest it and watch it grow. It runs away from us; we slip and slide in its wake. Perhaps time isn’t a bank account, but a field. We can grow productive crops, or things of beauty; roses for the pruning and topiary hedges to be trimmed. Or we can simply do nothing, and let the wildflowers grow. Everything is of beauty, everything is of equal value.” – meet the new kind of millionaire – time millionaires. [The Guardian]


8. 5 reasons to become a morning workout person. [Well+Good]


9. How to give better advice. [NPR]

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