1. Have you seen those happiness jars that pop up on social media? Usually at the beginning of the year. The concept is simple, at the beginning of the year set aside an empty jar. Every time something good happens or you’re grateful for something, jot it down and stick it in. At the end of the year, you’ll have an entire jar of happy memories to go through. Katherine Foley took this one step further. For a year she tracked her happiness. Writing down those moments and sticking them in a jar. At the end of the year she went through them and learnt what things bring her joy. An exercise that not only helps you figure out what to do more, but what you can do to make people around you happy [Quartz]
  2. A chocolate coconut smoothie you need to make [Wellness Warehouse]
  3. If the earth’s orbit is crowded, why don’t we see space junk in the photos of the earth [Popular Science]
  4. Amongst other things, February is Reproductive Health Awareness Month. Here’s alternatives to the pill when it comes to contraception. [Women’s Health]
  5. 25 single portion meals you can make in minutes [Greatist]
  6. Why you need to focus on doing, not being, to get where you want, cause at the end of the day “Life Is About the Shit You Do Every Day. Following your dreams, living your life is about getting up in the morning and going to work”. [Medium]
  7. 5 ways to trick your brain into hyper-focus [Mind Body Green]
  8. The 40 most iconic places on the planet, which I’ll be referring to as bucket list travels [Outside Online]
  9. While you still can, make this BBG approved watermelon sorbet [Kayla Itsines]
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