1. “Type-one fun is enjoyable from start to finish. Type-two fun is only fun in retrospect. And type-three fun consists of activities that seem fun in concept but then devolve into fear and danger.” – from this article on why Type-two fun is where the good feels are really at. [Outside Online]


2. What anti-aging skin-care products can and can’t do, according to derms. [Well + Good]


3. The best yoga pose to do if you have a bad posture or have spent hours slouched at your desk. [Mind Body Green].


4. “We need to prepare people that it’s not going to come down to zero. It’s going to come down to some level we find acceptable,” – how we live with the Coronavirus which isn’t disappearing in the likely future. [The Atlantic]


5. The 7 key rules of healthy restorative sleep which goes well with this sleep guide. [Vogue]


6. How to make your bed look more luxe on a budget. [Apartment Therapy]


7. The woman who rifles through New York City’s trash, exposing the excesses. [The Guardian]


8. This thought from this article on thinking with your environment not just your mind, resonated with me.

“A lot of us, when we take breaks, we just do something different on our computer than we were doing when we were working. We turn to Twitter or the news or Facebook or whatever. That’s drawing down exactly the same cognitive resources that we need for our work. So then when we return to work, we’re just more frazzled than we were before. Whereas if we did something totally different—we’re moving our bodies, we’re outside, we’re looking around in this more diffuse and relaxed way—then we return to work in a different state, an improved state than where we were before.” [GQ]


9. 5 future space tourists share why they want to go to space. [Travel + Leisure]

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