1. What happens when comedic genius James Corden takes on the fastest human on earth, Usain Bolt? This epic parking lot race which includes cameos from Owen Wilson and Brooke from accounting [Mashable]
  2. In one of the weirdest things we’ve read all week. Roller-coasters can help pass kidney stones. Yes you read that right. [The Atlantic] link missing
  3. It’s smoothie season and this Chia Acai and Raspberry Smoothie jar will give your smoothie bowls a run for their money [Truffle Journal]
  4. Add weight loss to the list of reasons to snap your food. Weight Loss app, “Lose it” is starting to use computer vision to help you track what you eat. In a nutshell, you snap a pic, load it and it identifies what you’ve eaten. It’ not perfect yet, but there’s many others (including Google) who are developing apps that will be able to let you track calories and food with a snap of a picture [Fast Company]
  5. What you need to know about the new entry system for the Old Mutual Half Marathon in 2017. Diarize the date as it is fastest fingers first [Runners World]
  6. If body building is your jam these are the 10 rules you need to follow to build a better body [Fitness He]
  7. Regardless of whether you’re extroverted or introverted, the best thing for rest is alone time [QZ]
  8. Menstrual cups are having their moment as the eco-friendly choice in period protection. If you’re unsure here are 7 reasons to go the cup route plus what it actually feels like [Women’s Health]
  9. How to make your own garden pallet swing, cause’ anybody can. [Suzelle DIY]
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