1. Things we get wrong about setting boundaries [Mind Body Green]


2. When done right (and not all the time about everything), complaining can be good for you. Here’s why [NY Times].


3. The untold story of 8 Russian climbers who got pinned at the top of Peak Lenin [CNN].


4. The different types of fatigue and how to know which one you are [The Cut].


5. A great  interview with Luci about how weight training helped her find a healthy balance. She also has some great tips if you want to get healthier or fitter [Women’s Health].


6. In light of the caronavirus which has now spread from China to multiple countries around the world; this article on the process of identifying a new virus is interesting [QZ].


7. This image shows the suns surface up close and it’s giving me major golden pebbles /caramelized popcorn vibes [New Scientist].


8. “Education today is based on pure accumulation of knowledge. If you want knowledge, you can get the answer instantly from a machine. Art, music, teamwork and sport is what you need to teach to kids, because that’s what the machines won’t do. We have to adapt our way of thinking to what mankind at its core means.” A look at the future of education and why kids should be learning art at school [Investec].


9. How to practice self compassion [Goop].

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