1. “Women and men in business, we’re all here to turn a profit, to make money. But it’s almost as if women can’t talk about profit or making money. We can talk only about how the brand changes the world or makes our customers feel.” I’ve been an Outdoor Voices fan for years – they were the first to do simple color blocked athletic wear that looked good for more than just exercise. Apair of OV leggings I got 5 years ago is still in perfect shape. Early this year, a handful of female founders got torn apart in the media and left their companies. Tyler Haney’s departure and the OV drama was, to me, the most surprising. Until now she’s said very little but in this article she speaks up about going through such a public reckoning and the lessons she learned. [Inc]


2. Burpee queen, NTC trainer, Kirsty Godso shares a burpee workout plus how to do them right. She’s our favorite NTC trainer and her Instagram is packed with short workout videos. [Well + Good]


3. Jennifer Lopez shares her beauty secrets (no botox!) and why she hates when people tell her she looks good for 50, ahead of the launch of her new skincare range. [Elle]


4. “Optimism is about the promises of the future, gratitude looks at the present.” This profile on Michael J Fox is wonderful. [The Guardian]


5. How to reuse gift wrapping supplies. [Food25]


6. 35 lessons from quarantine cooking. [Bon Appetit]


7. 3 Steps to Follow When You’re Obsessing about the Future or Ruminating on the Past. [Goop]


8. “We must recalibrate our cultural fixation on productivity and instead seriously consider the role wellbeing can play in the workplace.” A few experts discuss lockdown burnout and strategies to cope with WFH full time, all the time. [Vogue]


9. What it feels like to have autism. [Cup of Jo]

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