1. How to have a MVD, that is a Minimal Viable day – “a remedy for when you wake up feeling blah and a bit anxious and need a bit of an energy top-up to get you through the week.” [Medium]
  2. Would you go to a fail-a-bration? I like the idea of celebrating fails, because it means you tried something new. [Self]
  3. 6 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid for Effortless Cooking. [Bon Appetit]
  4. For fans of Little Men and Little Miss.
  5. A 1-2-3 Guide to Building the Perfect Charcuterie Board, perfect for entertaining. [Food52]
  6. How to Spend Time on What You Value. [The Atlantic]
  7. 6 expert tips for looking after your knitwear. The first is only washing them once a year – to prevent mine from needing a wash I always wear something underneath them – a vest or T-shirt so that I don’t transfer deodorant marks or body odour onto them. [Vogue]
  8. If Kenya is on your places to travel, here’s a great travel guide to the Kenyan coast. [Tails of a Mermaid]
  9. If you sit all day do these yoga poses to reset your body. [Outisde Online]
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