1. “In the victim realm, we speak of anonymity like a golden shield. To have maintained it for four years was a miracle. But while everyone around me discussed the protection it afforded, no one discussed the cost. Never to speak aloud who you are, what you’re thinking, what’s important to you.” I would read anything Chanel Miller writes, she is that brilliant. She shared her reasons for coming forward and the crazy steps involved with Time here. I reviewed her book, Know My Name here and highly recommend it.


2. 17 training myths addressed by a running coach. [Outside Online]


3. The best way to make spaghetti – from the amount of water and salt to add in your pot, to whether or not olive oil should be added and whether cooked spaghetti rinsed. [Food52]


4. “We may be in the middle of a story we don’t know how will end, or even whether it will end, but we are not helpless characters created and directed by an unseen novelist. We have the power, even in this Age of Anxiety, to enfold ourselves in small comforts, in the joy of tiny pleasures.” Why the small things have become the big things and a reminder to revel in them. [NY Times]


5. Braai season is nearing so here’s 19 things you wouldn’t think of to add to the braai. [Real Simple]


6. How to have a successful argument with yourself when it comes to making big decisions. [Vice]


7. This is really interesting look at the rise of face masks and how they’ve entered the consumer market with unprecedented speed. Those who have produced masks have made millions, but it’s also a double edged sword. Make masks and risk appearing as if you’re profiting from a pandemic or don’t and look negligent. [Refinery29]


8. How to be a smarter and more sustainable shopper. [Scout The City]


9. 4 types of spam examined. [ManRepeller]

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