A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week


1. Scientists know we need sleep, but they haven’t yet discovered the reason humans cannot function without sleep. They do however know what happens to your body without sleep, and it’s not pretty [Outside Online]


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2. Deviled avocados are a thing, they sound divine. Here’s a recipe [Food52]


3. Grabbing a banana post workout may just soothe post workout muscle soreness [Well + Good}


4. Not all coconut water is good, here’s what to look out for and the brands to avoid [Faithful to Nature]


5. This Saturday it’s World Health Day and the spotlight is on depression, here’s 5 natural ways to remedies to help with depression [Life Retreat]


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6. The Johannesburg Art Gallery has become the latest museum to make itself available on Google’s virtual museum tours, offering you a glimpse of Africa’s largest art collection [QZ]


7. What parents can learn from a town that produced 11 Olympians [NY Times]


8. 8 ways to reduce your food waste [Greatist]


9. How to make the most out of your next general checkup [Refinery29]


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