1. Better than the Tasty recipe videos, are the videos of the editors and chefs coming up with the ideas and making the dishes. This one is a gem. Also it will make you look at your coffee machine differently [Tasty]
  2. How Ryan Sandes preps for an ultra marathon (it involves a lot of recovery) [Red Bull]
  3. 12 foods you should never freeze [Martha Stewart Living]
  4. A crash course into what inflammation is and how to treat it [The Cut]
  5. “There are two paths in life: Should and Must. We arrive at this place again and again.” What happens when you turn your shoulds into musts [Medium]
  6. A guide to what acne breakouts, that aren’t on your face, mean [The Chalkboard Mag]
  7. 3 tricks to read faster [Ted]
  8. How to spot and treat an anxiety attack [Well + Good]
  9. How to make the most out of your foam roller [Outside Magazine]
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