1. 7 pieces of life changing financial advice from saving to giving to living within your means [Becoming Minimalist]
  2. How to do hill training when you have no hills [Runners World]
  3. How to turn a pegboard into a stunning ombre bookshelf [Brit+Co]
  4. The 8 foods that cause inflammation and why you should cut them out [Mind Body Green]
  5. A history of marathon fuelling going back to a time where race day fuel was a shot of whiskey not a squeeze of GU [Outside Online]
  6. Over the past 100 years, temperatures have gotten hotter, but it’s hard to visualise that change. This infographic by physicist Antti Lipponen plots all the countries of the world in a circle and shows the global average temperature between 1900 and 2016. As the video progresses, more countries spike into the hotter-than-normal range, represented by yellows, oranges, and reds, with the circular graphic filled with deep orange and red by 2016. [Fast Company]
  7. 6 ingredient apricot coconut oat bars that are nut free [Deliciously Ella]
  8. Don’t worry about trying to get the perfect running stride, the way you run naturally is the best for your body. It just may not be the fastest [The Verge]
  9. The kitchen sponge is one of the dirtiest things in your house and cleaning it doesn’t help, you need to replace it often [Science of Us]
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