1. Gold Medal Favorites for every event in the Rio Olympics. Team SA’s Wayde van Niekerk is a favourite for the men’s 500m sprint and Caster Semenya is a favourite for the women’s 800m sprint [Business Insider]
  2. All Things Jabu is a little more optimistic about Team SA’s chances. These are his top picks [All Things Jabu]
  3. Confession: I run with music. I am well aware of the dangers of road running and the importance of being aware of your surroundings, so I’ll listen using one earbud. When I started running I could not run without music. Literally. More than one run ended because of a dead iPod. Over time I grew less dependent on music, I’ve run races without music (iPods are actually banned at road races in SA) and leave the music behind when running with friends. But, I still enjoy a good run accompanied by a good playlist. This article presents a compelling reason why you should run without music which can be summed up in this line “Running is like a daily microadventure for your brain. To infuse that with an element of predictability would defeat the purpose”. [Outside Online]
  4. Just 20 minutes of physical activity 3 times a week can make your kids healthier [Time]
  5. A healthy peanut butter cake in a mug you need to make [Baking Ginger]
  6. If you take away their superhuman speed, grace, athletic ability and perfectly muscled bodies, Olympians are just like us. Well, when it comes to these 16 things they are. [Greatist]
  7. Next time you’re at Starbucks make use of this lid coaster hack [Refinery29]
  8. The financial costs of being a professional athlete is something that isn’t talked about a lot but it’s steep. Most of our top athletes work full and part time jobs too and rely on family to be able to compete at an international level. For women it’s even worse with many sports not getting the coverage needed to attract an audience and thus sponsors. The real question is how many local female sport stars can you actually name? [Women’s Health]
  9. This surprisingly activity is more dangerous than texting while driving [Washington Post]
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