1. “We get faster because we train harder and improve the capacity of our mitochondria to manage oxygen. We get faster because we accumulate wisdom and stick to routines. And we get faster, too, because we break barriers in our minds that we don’t know exist—and probably couldn’t cross if we knew they did.” from this long read on running and PR’s I enjoyed reading. [Wired]


2. How to use the FlyLady Cleaning technique currently taking over Pinterest. [BHG]


3. How to meet new people after a year of isolation. [CN Traveler]


4. Before you hit the trails brush up on your trail running lingo [Trail Running]


5. A two minute morning practice to start your day off better. [HBR]


6. The Tail End, an old article I discovered that illustrates your life by days, weeks and events and lends some perspective to how you choose to spend your time. [Wait by Why]


7. “There’s a critical difference between food rules and healthy eating habits. The latter are flexible: you prioritize nutritious ingredients but don’t agonize over what to eat and aren’t stressed if you go a day without vegetables or finish a meal feeling overly full. Food rules are rigid: you have strict parameters around how you should eat, and feel guilty or anxious when you don’t eat according to that plan.” from this article on why you should give up food rules. [Outside Online]




8.  A comprehensive guide to active ingredients in skincare. [Mind Body Green]


9. A short interview with the author of ‘I used to have a plan but life had other ideas’ on what grief feels like. I felt this line ‘I realized, there is no other way I would want to feel about losing my mother than tremendous sadness’. [Cup of Jo]

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